What Makes a Travel Program User-Friendly? Unlocking the Secrets of Tail-Spend and Compliance Management

Access the full report: Available August 2020

Travel procurement has always been challenged by balancing the dual concerns of securing consistent value and repeatable positive outcomes with the fact that travel is one of the most subjective experiences that an organization will have to manage for their employees. Locking in deals with travel and lodgings providers that create value for the organization is only one aspect of travel procurement. All the value creation in the world will not be enough in the event that travelers are unsure how to make choices that work for them within the framework of the program in place.

Replicating the on-demand travel tools that employees will use within their private lives, delivering choice within an easily accessible framework, and taking guesswork out of service selection and expense reporting are all strategies that can increase compliance and reduce tail spend. Building the capabilities to manage sharing economy suppliers have already been top of mind for some time now. According to ProcureCon Travel’s 2019 research paper with Egencia, 74% of procurement teams with travel management responsibilities were either rolling out, or already had in place solutions designed to help manage spend with shared economy suppliers.1

In many scenarios, taking a ride sharing service will be something that travelers immediately grasp from their private lives. Going forward, Procurement has an opportunity to build off of this type of familiarity to develop travel management strategies that feel intuitive for business travelers.

Access the full report: Available August 2020

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