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ProcureCon Travel 2020 Trends Report

In this Trends Report, you will receive valuable insight into areas including duty of care, preparing for NDC, sourcing new technologies, and much more so you can optimize your corporate travel program and spend for the new decade ahead.

Redefining your Business Travel Program & Spend

This report takes you on a specific journey through what your organization can do to meet the specific challenges of the current moment in time, featuring specific steps that you can take to make the most of your spend reviews, identify low-hanging fruit, and maintain strong relationships despite the serious pressures facing your organizations. Claim your copy now! 

How to Achieve Visibility and Transparency in Business Travel Procurement

Data visualization is a way to access, see, and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. Really, data visualization grants you the ability to tell a story. This industry perspective report features insights from leading brands and travel procurement experts and actionable information on how your company can use data visualization to impact business travel procurement. It also contains real-life examples of how major companies have used the technology.

Incorporating Non-Traditional Travel Options into a Comprehensive Travel Strategy

This new research report with Egencia features direct insights on how to manage the uberization of corporate travel options. Learn what your peers in procurement are doing to broaden the options they provide their corporate travelers while maintaining visibility and control. 

Procurement in the Pilot’s Seat: The 2017 ProcureCon Travel Benchmarking Report

Click the image on the left to download now! In the recent past, proving the value of Travel and Meetings to key business stakeholders could be a challenge. Today, the value of Travel and Meetings is well established, and businesses across the spectrum of maturity and industry are embracing the category with confidence. The next step is managing value creation and establishing metrics such as ROI that capture the attention of leaders within the business. Key topics include: Managing corporate travel & meetings in a global age Procurement’s role in travel sourcing Developing Procurement’s visibility of Travel and Meetings spend through technology

Growing procurement’s role in travel and meetings management

Click on the left to download now! As the procurement function grows into a centralized,empowered function within many businesses, travel and meetings are increasingly coming under its purview. With the majority of procurement teams managing travel and meetings doing so from either a centralized or center-lead department structure, the growth of procurement’s mandate in their organizations is growing to include these categories.

Breaking the Hotel Sourcing Cycle

In this concise and informative report, Advito walks you through how to avoid common pitfalls in the hotel sourcing cycle, expertly detailing areas where businesses lose value and the role that technology plays in bringing spending into closer management with better outcomes. This report is a must for any who have been wondering how to recapture more of their accommodations spending! Click the image to the left to claim you copy!

Achieving Breakthrough Savings with Traveler Demand and Behavior Strategies

For years, travel category management teams have applied the same tactics for managing employee behavior as part of their approach to achieve savings. But managing travel demand requires new efforts to help travelers make the best purchasing decisions they can.This post-webinar report focuses on two key strategic areas—demand and behavior— that help travel teams change how employees choose to travel. It also provides a glimpse into the revolutionary travel strategies from the Global Travel & Event team at LinkedIn.

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