ProcureCon Travel US 2018

May 16-May 17, 2018

Las Vegas

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ProcureCon Travel 2017 Attendee List

Who will you be mixing and mingling with at ProcureCon Travel? Apple? Boeing? IBM? Nike? Find out by downloading the attendee list today!
Updated May 1, 2017   


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The ProcureCon Travel 2016 Director's Report is here.

Check out the report to learn more on the following:

  • Challenges and Opportunities for Travel Spend
  • Trip Characteristics
  • Where are They Traveling?
  • The Traveler Profile
  • Solving Major Challenges in Travel Procurement


Growing procurement’s role in travel and meetings management

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As the procurement function grows into a centralized,empowered function within many businesses, travel and meetings are increasingly coming under its purview. With the majority of procurement teams managing travel and meetings doing so from either a centralized or center-lead department structure, the growth of procurement’s mandate in their organizations is growing to include these categories.

Reports & Studies

Procurement in the Pilot’s Seat: The 2017 ProcureCon Travel Benchmarking Report

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In the recent past, proving the value of Travel and Meetings to key business stakeholders could be a challenge. Today, the value of Travel and Meetings is well established, and businesses across the spectrum of maturity and industry are embracing the category with confidence. The next step is managing value creation and establishing metrics such as ROI that capture the attention of leaders within the business.

Key topics include:

  • Managing corporate travel & meetings in a global age
  • Procurement’s role in travel sourcing
  • Developing Procurement’s visibility of Travel and Meetings spend through technology

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