ProcureCon Travel 2018

May 16-May 17, 2018

Henderson, NV

1 (888) 482 6012


“Very informative and focused conference with a knowledgeable group of presenters, industry experts, and practitioners.”Jay Sklar, Chief Procurement Officer, HUB International
“ProcureCon feels more like a high-speed business meeting rather than a conference. It allows you to connect with peers (and suppliers) at a totally different level.”Geert Behets, Head of Global Travel, Meetings, and Fleet Management, UCB
“I appreciate the opportunity I had to speak at ProcureCon and meet my industry peers. It enabled me to effectively benchmark my company’s program and strategy.”Ruben Leavitt, Manager, Associate Travel Program, TD Ameritrade
“Very educational and I liked the fact it was a small group.”Hope Marsh, Director Procurement/Travel/Events, SourceAmerica
“The quality and diversity of ProcureCon Travel’s attendees gives me better conversations which provide superior insights from top innovative travel professionals from procurement and beyond.”Jason Cammorata, Director, Strategic Sourcing, MDC Partners
“Excellent environment to start new dialogue with decision makers. We have already begun program discussions with a few new partners met at ProcureCon Travel.”Stephen Goulding, General Manager, Sales, WestJet
“I have attended many other travel industry events and have to say that ProcureCon Travel magic strikes the right balance between educational content, best practices sharing, and networking opportunities. I do believe the size of the event (neither too big nor too small) makes it optimal to develop or deepen a relationship which is the secret sauce to anybody's success in our industry, as many veterans know. Keep up the great work, ProcureCon Travel!”Alexandre De Carvalho, VP Strategy, Tripkicks

Sponsor Testimonials

“This was my first ProcureCon Conference. I was very impressed with the education content as well as the opportunity to network with corporate buyers and suppliers. There was a genuine desire by the participants to share their knowledge and best practices with their fellow attendees. I look forward to attending once again in 2018!”Doug Payne, Senior Vice President Sales @ Altour / 2017 Sponsor
“The ProcureCon Travel conference is a great opportunity to learn from the industry's best. The 3-day event is structured extremely well with great speakers, round-table discussions, and I found the event to be a great opportunity to share best practices and engage one-on-one with peers that are facing the same challenges in today's travel landscape. The Worldwide Business Research (WBR) team does a great job sharing your company story ahead of the event, they line up some great 1:1 meetings for your company, and went above and beyond to make the experience a memorable event. We're looking forward to being heavily involved in future ProcureCon events thanks to the WBR team!”Jake Farmakis, Strategic Accounts Manger @ Rocketrip / 2017 Sponsor